What we offer

Share good practises established and observed at customers

Version control

  • Trace the history of code and features
  • We can work seperately and merge our work
  • Can work on new features for new versions and fix bugs for old releases
  • Go back in time and reproduce an old version
  • See changes between versions

Tracking requirements and bugs

  • Keep list of known issues and how to reproduce them
  • Can assign bugs to milestones and releases
  • Can assign bugs to developers
  • Can adapt bug states to your organisation
  • Keep the link between commits and bugs

Documenting the software

  • Low level, implementation details can be documented inline
  • High level, coding, organisation or structuring guidelines
  • Should be easily accessible, easily editable, and versioned

Release management

  • Tag all components in the VCS
  • Store all builds
  • Store the debug information to get backtraces
  • Detect failures on exotic combinations early

Regression testing and validation

  • Start testing immediately, should not be an afterthought
  • Automated testing
  • Keep statistics

Code optimization & debugging

  • Simulation enviroments
  • Debugging, tracing & logging
  • Code size optimizations